2019 Shout It Art Show

Domestic Violence Awareness Project

2019 Transmutation Video

A former co-worker approached me with a photography project several months ago for the Victim Assistance Services “Shout it Art Show” to raise awareness for Domestic Violence.   This agency will always have a special place in my world as well as any advocate who works with victims of crime.   This was a project I had to say yes to.

My friend asked me to document the creation of a large painting that would span across the floor and carry to the ceiling.  A series of dancers would paint without brushes, to music provided by a live musician.  The project stretched me as we talked about adding video and creating a short movie of the experience.  I decided it was worth a shot and began planning and then the job of editing would be on my plate.  I have a lot to learn about video but this was the perfect place for me to begin

Shout it Art Show will be on display the month of October at the Elkhart Art League located in the Train Depot in downtown Elkhart, Indiana.  I encourage you to stop in and take a look at the art created by victims, survivors and advocates. It is beautiful and inspiring.