• Miller China Cabinet

    The Miller china cabinet was the most exciting piece of furniture I have restyled. The project was for South Bend Interior Decorator, Geryl Miller of Inspired Design by Geryl. The cabinet features products from Annie Sloan, Dixie Belle and Sherwin Williams. The piece was lightly distressed and the wax took on a beautiful sheen as it was polished. This is a stunning centerpiece for her home. What a difference a coat of paint can make! We will be working on her dining room chairs next. Stay tuned!

  • The Mermaid Chest

    This vintage dresser came from my parents home. It was and antique when my mother picked it up over 50 years ago. She found it at a sale and still today it bears a tag from Leinhart Furniture in Wakarusa, IN. It has been sitting neglected in my basement for many years. My niece Hannah is embarking on a new adventure with her first apartment. This was to opportunity I was waiting for. Every marine biology major needs a mermaid chest and that was all the inspiration I needed. I kept part of the original finishes and embellished it with air dry clay mermaids. After many layers of paint and…

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  • Frenchie Side Table

    Frencie was another estate find from a home in Mishawaka, IN. It was the last day of the sale and I was surprised to see this remaining. Doesn’t everyone need a cute little golden table! It was a lucky day as I managed to buy several items at this sale for a bargain price. It was interesting to me to find the old price tag underneath and realize that I bought it for pennies of its original cost. After a careful cleaning Annie Sloan Provence Blue was applied and the piece was lightly wiped off and sprayed with water, this process allowed the golden finish underneath to show as a more…

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  • Union Jack Table

    Union Jack was found at a Goodwill Store in Fishers, IN. It was decorated with pink and green glued buttons and painted a creamy buttermilk color. I took one look at the beautiful legs and unique height and knew it was my next project. I picked it up and headed straight for the checkout! After staring at the table for several hours and scanning Pinterest, I decided to give it new life by painting it red and utilizing an old Union Jack pattern on the top. It would be the perfect transformation. The old buttons and glue were removed, and the finish sanded. Annie Sloan Emperor’s Silk Red was the…

  • The Fulton Dresser

    This dresser, fondly referred to as the “Fulton Dresser” was found at a local estate sale on Fulton Street in Elkhart, IN. As I strolled through the home I found little to interest me. However, a tour of the garage produced this gem! Although a bit tattered with a few structural issues, it was sound and shined with glorious details. I quickly picked up the sale tab and as I returned to re-enter the house, two different people offered to pay me twice the asking price. I politely smiled, thanked them and declined their offers. I already had plans to bring new life to this exquisite piece.

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  • Rosie Hall Table

    Rosie was found in the basement of an estate sale house in Mishawaka. She had been spray painted gold and had a few spots of green mold on the top and legs. After a good sanding and some fresh stain I decided she needs a little pop. I reached for my collection of paper napkins to see what I could add. After a great deal of practicing with decoupage I have finally mastered a way to get them to lay flat. The red and pink flowers popped on the stained background!

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  • Boho Picnic Table

    Doesn’t everyone need a picnic table for their yard! This picnic table was another estate sale find and minute I saw it I knew it had to be red! The longer I looked at it the more I knew that it was going to have a bohemian flair. It is stained in a deep red weatherproof stain with golden stenciling on the top! It certainly is going to be a hard table to part with! I tossed in one of my favorite picnic baskets for the shoot!

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  • Pink Bouquet Side Table

    This little gem came from my mother’s house and was ready for a refresh! I used Annie Sloan Antionette Pink Chalk Paint, added some decoupage and a few soft gold accents! It the perfect compliment to the vintage tile in my bathroom!

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  • Accessories

    My journey with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint began with refurbishing vintage picnic baskets and has grown to include many other items. While I love the versatility of the new insulated trendy coolers/fabric picnic baskets, the vintage baskets bring out the history buff in me. I want to know the history of each basket and the stories behind the people who owned and used them. My average clay pots got a total makeover with some decoupage and and chalk paint. I decided after my first class at Birds Gotta Fly that I wanted to create special picnic baskets for special people in my life. My desire was to make them symbolic…

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