Lake House Hutch

This very old hutch came from an estate and had been in storage for a very long time. It proved to be a big challenge to prep for painting after living in a damp and dusty place. After several rounds of cleaning and giving the piece a chance to completely dry, it was sealed in shellac. This allowed us to lock in any remaining musty odors and prevent any spots of bleed through from the old surface. The top had a large area of tile glued to it which required a lot of elbow grease to safely remove. We loved the warm honey color after the sealer was applied to the inside of the upper cabinet and decided to leave that unpainted. We like letting some of the original character and markings shine through. The exterior was painted with pearly white paint which makes this large piece stand out. This darling hutch is now it is in tip top shape and ready for the owners lake house.

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