Uncle Ray’s Chair

My great uncle Ray Babcock was a pillar in our family. He was an extremely generous man and a very kind soul. I remember every holiday season we would get a Christmas card with a little something special from him. He lived in Galien Michigan and was a business owner and philanthropist. This arm chair belonged to him and was passed down to an aunt and then to my cousin Julie. I am so thankful she trusted me to restyle this chair to be used in her master bedroom sitting area.

The poor seat was sagging and and it had seen a lot of use over the years. It was necessary to tear the chair down to the frame for a complete overhaul. Uncle Ray would appreciate the fact that this piece was recycled and that he is still in the thoughts of our family. I made sure to tuck a little story about him in the lining of the chair so when it comes time to redo the project his legacy will continue! The beautiful needlepoint was salvaged and Julie is recycling it in her home as well!

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