Meet Amy

I have a personal passion for anything vintage. If you tag along with me to an estate sale or to a local thrift shop, you will find me attracted to vintage linens, blue willow transferware, and various styles of pink dishware. Thrifting is like a great adventure for me.   The joy of bidding at auctions makes it all too easy for me to raise my bid card for the thrill of a win! Bottom line, you will see a lot of vintage finds in my photography and my decorative refurb projects and jewelry.

My old soul is drawn to my heirloom garden which came to life from starts of flowers from various family members and friends. One precious start includes a pink rose bush and a patch of purple iris over 100 years old. Both originating from my great-great-grandparent’s farm near Bremen, IN. These have been transplanted into the gardens of my aunts, uncles, cousins and my mother’s homes. I enjoy sharing starts of these items with many friends and loved ones.  

My journey toward photography began as a child. I wanted to join the Union Center Busy Bees 4-H Club and had to select some projects from the many 4-H offerings. Choosing photography, I took many pictures of family pets and landscapes with my Kodak Instamatic 110 camera. Today I still find joy and comfort photographing the many beautiful Indiana sunrises and sunsets I experience while traveling the State. Through my eyes the art of Mother Nature offers a beautiful pallet and background in which to create and enjoy various art venues. 

After purchasing a home built in 1924, my interest in restoring antiques and renovating an old home became my way of life. Several years ago I took an Annie Sloan Chalk Painting Class at my favorite store, Birds Gotta Fly Vintage, which is located a short few blocks of my home. On that snowy day among a room full of ladies all seeking a new activity after the holidays, I started a journey bringing me constant entertainment and joy. I will be eternally grateful to the staff at Birds and to my parents for always letting me color outside the lines. 

So now I am a creator, painter, and picture taker! My wish is that you find enjoyment in viewing my website as much as I enjoy sharing it with the world! Consider it a peek into my soul! 

Thank you for your interest in my work! I am always open to discussing custom/special projects. If you have a unique or family-owned piece of your own needing a breath of new life, I would be delighted to discuss the project with you. 

I also enjoy taking home, family, or special occasion photos. Please submit a description of how I can assist you in recording your special memories in the comment page of the website. 


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