Annie Slessman

Annie is a dear friend and fellow artist and a woman of many talents.

Annie says she has always walked one step beyond her comfort level when approaching anything she has not attempted before.  To not try is the inconceivable to her. The fact that Annie is a former skydiver attests to that fact. 
Now retired from the legal field where she served as a bailiff, it wasn’t long before she sought out new things to learn and ways to express herself. An old bedroom suite would be the start of a new challenge and ultimately the trigger that instilled a love of furniture restoration in her heart.  It was founder and owner of Shutters & Brushes, Amanda Hess Bechtel, who Annie called before starting the bedroom suite restoration. Amy, friend and mentor, made a house call, perused the project and advised Annie on the how-tos for completing the project. Once the initial project was completed, Annie was hooked. “After my success with my bedroom suite restoration, I went looking for an small secretary desk so I could try out a new technique I had read about.  Once found and after many hours of repair work, the desk was transformed to my vision and from there I moved on to other challenges.”
“My interest in furniture restoration brings me great joy.  I just finished my first chair restoration and even reupholstered the chair myself. Who knew I’d get such a kick out of making my own double welting,” Annie says laughingly. 
Since joining Shutters & Brushes as an associate, Annie has taken on several projects and says she looks forward to the opportunity to take neglected treasures and give them new life. Commonly heard from Annie are the words, “Okay, I’m ready for the next project.”

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